About Prime2Prime Ideas

Prime2Prime Ideas LLC is a solution driven business services enterprise, working with businesses to enable them to focus on their core mandate. Every enterprise has a core mandate however many, especially small businesses are sometimes saddled with auxiliary activities such as bookkeeping, taxes and strategic planning which take time, resources and focus. We work the auxiliaries in our line of service, you focus on the core. 

We provide the extra brain for bookkeeping, Tax and Small business consulting

Who we are

A registered business services consulting firm, providing the extra ‘brain’ in Bookkeeping, Tax and Small business consulting services so owners and/or managers can focus on their core!

Your Business Success Is Our Mission

We exists to enhance the capacity of our clients to leverage and create opportunities. No business wants to remain static, therefore our mission is to provide a springboard for growth.

We provide the extra brain for bookkeeping, Tax and Small business consulting. 

Our Vision

We are working to position our brand to be an obvious option to associate with in the line of our business.

Our Culture

At Prime2Prime Ideas LLC, solution identification is at the heart of our operation. Identifying solutions comes with diversity. It is the reason we value the diversity of ideas and the reason research is a core part of our delivery. 

Our Values

We value our relationship with clients as the very life of our business. Therefore, we have developed for ourselves an identity of how we work by which we benchmark our delivery.

Timely Delivery


Value for Money

Innovative Services

Customized & Excellent services