Business Solutions For Every Client's Needs

With entrepreneurial spirit, we understand the business growth lifecycle. Talk to us, we are sure to find a path to relate.

Prime2Prime Ideas LLC is a solution driven business services enterprise, working with businesses to enable them to focus on their core mandate. Every enterprise has a core mandate however many, especially small businesses are sometimes saddled with auxiliary activities such as bookkeeping, taxes and strategic planning which take time, resources and focus. We work the auxiliaries in our line of service, you focus on the core. 


Bookkeeping is a fundamental activity of every business in every sector. However, it takes time and resources and can obstruct the drive for your organization’s vision. We have a bouquet of bookkeeping services where you have command over your profile and what you want. Bookkeeping services;

  • Account Payables
  • Account Receivables
  • Reconciliation
  • Payroll Management
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Statement

We got it all covered; value for money, service excellence, save you time to focus on your core.


We have credentialed tax consultants ready to handle all your LLC and nonresident students’ taxes. We have team members with the California Society of Tax Consultants with the acumen to help you navigate tax issues.

Our tax consulting services includes:

  • Income Tax consulting, webinars & training to allow you know your tax obligations and take responsibility.
  • LLC Tax consulting & filing
  • Non Resident Student Tax Consulting

Always note that even if a tax professional files your tax returns for you, the IRS still holds you responsible for the information provided, therefore it pays to know what information is captured on your behalf before you sign for it. Do not wait till you are audited to learn your obligations.

Small Business Consulting (SBC)

Having a business requires a great deal of work. Just having the idea is not enough, you must set up properly. Setting up a business is not just enough, you must manage it properly to ensure it is a sustainable going concern with the potential for scaling. At Prime2Prime Ideas, we got you covered from the setting up to the scaling up. With decades of business services experience with the drive for excellence, our team handles all the issues in running a successful going concern.

Our SBC services include:

  • Initial Setup research and business planning.
  • Registration with the appropriate Secretary of State and obtaining EIN.
  • Marketing and Operational planning.
  • Strategic planning and implementation.

Our customized SBC services provide the springboard for your business to leap. Let’s serve!

Other Services

Aside from our three key services, we provide other augmenting services to holistically support your brand’s growth. Other services;

  • Graphic design
  • Brochures/Report production